eDVD 4

eDVDDV by Douglas Dixon Sonic eDVD 4 is a fast and simple solution for enhancing DVD productions with external links to additional online and on-disc resources. It has been improved by the ability to handle all file types (with no additional licensing fees) and a drop in the price by a third. It seems like a great match--combining the local storage and full-quality video playback of DVDs with the interactivity and timeliness of Web-connected computers. Many Hollywood DVDs use the InterActual Player (http://player.interactual.com) to deliver these kinds of bonus experiences, such as interactive screenplays, video-enhanced games, and exclusive online sites and events. Sonic's acquisition of InterActual in early 2004 promised to make this kind of capability more widely available for both DVD authors and end users. For example, Sonic has since licensed the playback technology for use in the CyberLink PowerDVD and InterVideo WinDVD consumer players (www.gocyberlink.com; www.intervideo.com), so the InterActual Player is no longer required to view enhanced discs. read more...

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