Elevate Your Live Streams with YoloBox Ultra: Top 10 Features Unveiled!

Discover the YoloBox Ultra's game-changing features for live streaming excellence! From multi-source support to 4K broadcasting and dynamic graphic overlays, explore the top features highlighted by Frank in our YouTube video and revolutionize your streams today!

  1. Multi-Source Support: Seamlessly integrate multiple video sources for dynamic live streams, from cameras to computers and mobile devices.

  2. High-Quality 4K Broadcasting: Deliver crystal-clear 4K quality broadcasts for an immersive viewing experience like never before.

  3. Versatile Connectivity: Enjoy seamless connectivity with support for NDI, SRT, and RTMP inputs, enabling streaming from anywhere.

  4. Dynamic Graphic Overlays: Captivate your audience with eye-catching text and graphic overlays, including font animations and lower thirds.

  5. Scoreboard Feature: Add a professional touch to sports broadcasts with real-time scoring updates.

  6. Multiview Options: Customize your viewing experience with split-screen layouts and picture-in-picture displays.

  7. Horizontal and Vertical Streaming: Reach a wider audience by broadcasting in both horizontal and vertical modes simultaneously.

  8. ISO Recording: Record individual camera feeds for post-production editing and preservation of every moment.

  9. Advanced Audio Control: Ensure clear and crisp sound quality with AFV and mix-minus functions.

  10. Seamless Guest Invitations: Invite guests effortlessly to join your live streams for interviews, panel discussions, and more.

Watch the full video from YoloLiv below:

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