Embedding Zoom Meetings into your WordPress Website

PTZOptics recently released a great blog post on LinkedIn, that covers how to embed your Zoom Call on your WordPress blog.

Zoom is a great tool for keeping communication going during social distancing, and can also be very powerful for streaming. Embedding your Zoom call on your website for an audience to see allows for a great webinar or live stream with multiple guests.

Check out this Video on PTZOptics Covering this Technique.

The Workflow to Bring in a Zoom Call to your Website is as Follows:

Embedding Zoom Calls on Your Website: 

  1. Create a WordPress page attached to your website, or a WordPress website entirely.  
  2. Install the WordPress Plugin: Zoom Meetings for Word press 
  3. Create a Zoom Market Place App (Get an API Key)  
  4. Add your API credentials from step three into your word press plugin from step 2 
  5. This will create a short code which you can use on your word press page at this time 
  6. Publish your page and allow users to view your Zoom meeting on your website.  

Embedding a zoom meeting into your website is a great idea for multiple reasons. From a branding perspective, many businesses will enjoy the single location option for zoom meetings. If you have a regular public meeting, it could not be easier for your meeting attendees to find the meeting then your website. 

Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer, PTZOptics

Check out the full blog post HERE.

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.

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