Embrace NDI to Facilitate Remote IP Production at Minimal Costs

Joe Tan recently wrote an article for APB+ talking about embracing NDI to empower you SDI infrastructure to facilitate remote IP productions at minimal costs. One platform stands out as a driver for transformation in the fast-paced world of broadcasting, where technology is progressively changing traditional media operations. The Network Device Interface (NDI) standard, which combines information technology and conventional broadcasting, is blurring the barriers between broadcast and audio-visual information technology (AVIT) networks. This convergence is becoming increasingly important as media content digitization and video consumption continue to rise.

"Over a relatively brief period, the NDI platform has propelled the convergence of broadcast and AVIT, seamlessly interconnecting technologies and traditional workflows." -Aniket Rangnekar, Asia-Pacific Regional Manager of Apantac

“NDI brings together computing, communication, and content for those who want to contribute, create, and deliver audio-visual content without increasing too much of capacity or adding complexity to their setup.” -Aniket Rangnekar, Asia-Pacific Regional Manager of Apantac

Given the benefits listed above, Rangnekar believes that broadcasters and other media industry players should explore NDI as a viable format for content generation and distribution. The initial investment is little, and several manufacturers have systems that can encode any baseband signal type to NDI.

“Existing infrastructure workflows apply within the AVIT network domain, specialised workforce requirements can be kept minimum, and AVIT production and delivery workflows can be rapidly implemented.” -Aniket Rangnekar, Asia-Pacific Regional Manager of Apantac

Recognizing NDI's potential, Apantac presented three NDI solutions at NAB Show 2023, responding to its clients' increasing demands and delivering an end-to-end NDI workflow solution. At BroadcastAsia 2023, the business also collaborated with Ideal Systems to demonstrate a comprehensive NDI process.

“To summarise, for any organisation looking to consider upcoming technology in audio-visual for creative problem-solving and output delivery, NDI is the platform to consider. With a simple effective toolset from NDI, rapid deployment into existing infrastructure and delivery will help propel any media organisation into the forefront.” -Aniket Rangnekar, Asia-Pacific Regional Manager of Apantac

According to Robert Shen, Sales Manager for FOR-A South-East Asia, the adoption of NDI has been well embraced and has revolutionized the broadcast and media industries. Shen believes that the acceptance of NDI has been a critical driver for the move to new and adaptable standards. NDI simplifies procedures, decreases expenses, and improves overall efficiency by demystifying difficulties, he claims.

FOR-A's NDI-enabled video creation environment exemplifies this digital shift. Users can establish a hybrid, integrated live system by inserting an NDI I/O interface card into a typical SDI-based system, allowing the connection of character generators, mixers, and PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras via an IP network, resulting in an easily controllable arrangement.

“Embracing NDI is not merely about adopting new technology but initiating a broader strategic shift towards IP-enabled remote production. Given its cost-effectiveness and flexibility, NDI has emerged as the ideal standard for this new era of remote IP production. In addition to facilitating the use of an IP production environment in conventional SDI-based systems, it is possible to build efficient workflows that utilise IP connections not only for programme production but also for the broadcasting of sports and events and various streaming delivery. My advice to media professionals considering NDI adoption is this: Embrace the change. FOR-A opens the door to the world of IP production by enabling all customers who have used SDI-based systems to utilise NDI. Remember, the future belongs to those who innovate, and in the broadcasting industry, NDI is the most effective innovation.” -Robert Shen, Sales Manager for FOR-A South-East Asia

Read the full article from APB+ HERE

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