Encoder Decoded: Sorenson Squeeze 9 Is Faster, Smarter

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Sorenson Media’s Squeeze encoder has always been at the top of the market for encoding features and quality. The software, now in its ninth generation, offers standard, pro and premium versions. Sorenson Squeeze 9 Standard and Pro are Mac and Windows desktop applications, while Premium is designed to run on Windows servers. The difference between Standard and Pro is that Squeeze 9 Pro supports the encoding of Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes (Mac only) codecs.

Sorenson Squeeze 9 Pro groups encoding tasks based on formats and workflows. Presets can include audio and video filters and target destinations, such as uploads to the internet or disc burning. --->

New for Squeeze 9 is an update of the user interface, HTML 5 optimization, faster encoding and closed caption support. Another new feature is pre/post-roll stitching, which lets you attach an additional file, like a branding message, to the beginning and/or end of your video. These will be encoded together, with the additional video clip(s) embedded into the same file—no editing required. As before, Squeeze supports import from files or camera devices and you can set up watch folders. All Squeeze purchasers get 5 GB of free cloud storage with Sorenson 360, which they may use for private review and approval with clients or as a place to host videos that they’d like to embed on their own web sites.

The Sorenson Squeeze 9 presets are built around formats and workflows for easy access. If you want a specific preset, then it’s easier to find it in the format tab. On the other hand, if you want to burn DVDs, then getting there via the workflow tab makes the most sense. Of course, you can modify existing presets, create custom presets from scratch and save the ones you use most often as favorites. There is a large set of audio and video filters, which can be integrated into any preset, including VST audio filters already installed on your computer. read more...

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