Encoding for YouTube Using Compressor

youtubeKen Stone's Final Cut Pro website By Brian Gary The lore of YouTube states that its founders were disappointed with the paucity of video sharing outlets on the web, so in silicon maverick style they built one. In short order their creation--YouTube--was heralded as the democratization of broadcasting and with Google's acquisition of it, it's fast becoming ubiquitous. Like all of the content distribution outlets it too pushes the legal bounds of copyright and intellectual property, but on the flip side, it offers a unique way to reach an audience. For example, during the last hiatus the producers of ABCs Lost seeded videos onto YouTube to fuel the show's Lost Experience online and the BBC just announced that it will stream three channels of content on the site. So, a gazillion videos already stream on the YouTube, why not throw your hat into the ring, too. On your first trip to YouTube what you'll notice though, is that the picture quality is less than optimal--most video looks like cell phone footage of the latest misbehaving member of the celebritocracy. So how do you make your 35mm commercial not look like Lonelygirl15's webcam? read more...

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