Enhance Your Video Production with Epiphan Pearl Nexus

Are you looking for a powerful solution to capture, record, and stream video seamlessly in environments like classrooms, courtrooms, or presentation spaces? Look no further than Pearl Nexus. This robust system offers advanced automation of video workflows, multi-source recording capabilities, and easy integration with content management systems (CMS).

Pearl Nexus simplifies the process of capturing and streaming video by automating workflows. Whether you're recording lectures, legal proceedings, or business presentations, Pearl Nexus ensures smooth operations without constant manual intervention.

0:00 - Intro
1:12 - Chassis and I/O
2:51 - Setup & cloud pairing
7:18 - Inputs
9:24 - Channels
17:10 - CMS & Scheduling
21:43 - Automatic file upload
23:43 - Control Systems
24:50 - HDMI output
17:14 - Presets
29:11 - Outro

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