Epihan Pearl family: Invest in the best video encoder hardware

If you decided you need to add a hardware encoder into your workflow, Epiphan has you covered. They go over the five key things to focus on when buying your video encoder. Check them out! 

1. Features and flexibility

It's important to pay attention to the hardware encoder you interested in's features. Keep your production needs in mind and ask yourself questions like will it work with your existing gear, does it support streaming protocols you want to use or will you need a platform for remote access and control or multi-device management? 

2. Ease of use

No matter your level of technical expertise, one can agree they want something easy to use. It's important to keep in mind when choosing your hardware encoder if it will be user-friendly for the environment it will be used in. 

3. Reliability

"Improved reliability is one of the major differences between hardware and software encoding. As dedicated appliances, hardware encoders do away with many of the interruptions and errors common with software encoders running on general computer hardware. Untimely OS updates, antivirus pop-ups, and unrelated software crashes just aren’t factors with hardware – which is why so many AV pros and professional broadcasters insist on it.
But be careful: Not all hardware encoders are built to the same standards."
Michael Monette, Epiphan Video

The question to ask when it come to reliability is are the systems trusted for high-stakes mission-critical applications? You should check product reviews, case studies and customer testimonials before deicing on your encoder. 

4.  Customer support

Buying from a company that offers technical support is important. Having good customer support give you peace of mind.

5. Innovation

Another important thing to consider is does the brand your considering purchasing from values innovation? 

"These days, when you purchase a sophisticated device like a hardware encoder, often you’re buying into an ecosystem. That ecosystem can come into play right away or in the future as your needs change. If it’s there, be sure to acquaint yourself with what’s on offer. It could open doors to opportunities you never considered."
Michael Monette, Epiphan Video

Epiphan's family of Pearl encoders are versatile, intuitive, and reliable hardware encoders to consider. All Pearl devices also include Epiphan Cloud where you can access and control Pearl devices from anywhere!

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