Epiphan AV.io 4K delivers 4K output from your Panasonic GH4 camera

epiphan video released this great little 4 step guide for getting a 4K output with the Panasonic GH4.

How to get 4K output from your Panasonic GH4 camera

If you’re using Pearl-2 or AV.io 4K with your Panasonic GH4 camera, chances are you’re trying to capture and encode 4K video.

According to Panasonic’s user guide, the Panasonic GH4 Lumix camera only supports 4K video in Creative Video Mode and when one of it’s 4K video quality settings is configured. Use these quick instructions to configure your GH4 for 4K UHD or 4K DCI (Panasonic calls this C4K or Cinema 4K) and get ready to capture in 4K! 4K output

What you need

To configure your Panasonic GH4 for 4K video capture (with AV.io 4K or Pearl-2), you need:
  • Your Panasonic GH4 camera
  • Optionally, an AV.io 4K and a computer with video encoder software
  • Or, optionally, a Pearl-2 for video capture
(Video capture works with or without an SD card in your Panasonic GH4.)

Step 1: Choose 4K UHD (3840×2160) or 4K DCI (4096×2160)

The Panasonic GH4 camera supports two different 4K frame sizes and a number of frame rates. The choices available depend on your camera’s system frequency setting. Check the table below to see which system frequency is needed for your chosen frame size and frame rate.
Frame size Frame rate(s) System frequency
4K UHD (3840×2160) 30 fps, 24 fps NTSC
4K UHD (3840×2160) 25 fps PAL
4K DCI / C4K (4096×2160) 24 fps CINEMA
The first step in configuring your camera for one of these video options is to set the appropriate system frequency.
  1. Turn the camera on.
  2. Press the MENU/SET button on the back of the camera.
  3. Select the Settings menu (wrench icon) from the on-screen display.
  4. Select System Frequency.
  5. Choose the system frequency needed for the frame size and frame rate you want (consult the table above).4K output
  6. If requested by the camera, turn the camera off and on again to apply your change.(
(Your Camera menu screen may not be identical to our example, depending on the position of the camera's mode dial.
Read steps 2 - 4 here.

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