Epiphan AV.io Saves the Day at Videoguys!

Here at Videoguys we strive to pump out content weekly to our viewers. Sometimes as an editor you run into some issues that are quite frustrating. One issue we came across was our audio and video were completely out of sync once imported to Adobe Premiere. Epiphan AV.io video grabber saved the day. epiphan av.io The Goal Take the original file that is in sync and use the AV.io HD video grabber through a laptop to capture and record the audio How did we do it?
  • On the monitor we have with our Wirecast Gear 110 (which acts as a full Windows 10 computer) we played the video full screen.
  • On the Wirecast Gear we connected an HDMI cable to the HDMI out
  • We attached that HDMI cable to AV.io Grabber to then a USB cable
  • The USB plugs right into a mac book where the mac recognizes it.
  • We opened up Wirecast 7 on the mac. Within Wirecast we added a new shot. After clicking the AV.io video, we went to change audio source to AV.io audio
  • We recorded the video as it played
  • BOOM video capture is now ours
This trick can be used to take any video that you can playback full screen via HDMI from one computer into a second computer with AV.io. We used it to bail ourselves out of a jam. You can use it to record animations or video timelines directly form your NLE. Epiphan AV.io is a time saver and life saver! AV.io grabbers provide the simplest way to capture video. You wont need to install any drivers or software to start capturing with these. Just plug them in and capture your video!

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