Epiphan Av.io SDI - USB Video Capture Device for Recording & Live Streaming
Watch Alex Pettitt's video review of the Epiphan AV.io SDI video grabber. AV.io SDI provides cross-platform, UVC-based video capture for 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals, including embedded audio. It is portable, flexible, and simple to use: the perfect companion to your SDI video camera. Best of all, there’s no installation required! Simply connect AV.io SDI to your video camera (or the output from a video mixing board) and capture station and it’s ready to start capturing live audio and video with third-party application favorites such as Skype, Wirecast and VLC media player! Bundle it with Telestream Wirecast Studio software and you can produce a live 2-camera shoot from any computer quickly and easily!

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