Epiphan AV.io Video Capture Device Review

I decided to give the Epiphan Video AV.io HD a try. It could not have been any easier to get the AV.io working, no drivers to install, just plug and play. With in minutes I was able to see video in VLC media player.
Putting It All Together The process to get the pieces working together is fairly simple, first you will need a PC with a USB 3 port. I used an aging Lenovo W510. Connect the included USB 3 cable to the USB 3 port on your PC. For a video source I used my Canon 5D Mark III and connected it to the AV.io via hdmi, the Epiphan AV.io comes with an hdmi adapter. Now that everything is connected download, install and run ManyCam. In ManyCam you set an input by right clicking on an input window and selecting video source. You should see the AV.io in the list. Epiphan AV.io Once the AV.io is selected make sure that is the video source that is output by ManyCam by transitioning or cutting to that input, you should see it in the main output window (highlighted in red). Epiphan AV.io Now to change the resolution to something that will work for a Connect Meeting, in the lower left of the ManyCam interface you will see a popup labeled “Resolution”. Click that popup and choose 480p. Epiphan AV.io
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