Epiphan blog: SRT vs NDI explained

Epiphan's recent blog post does a great job explaining the differences between Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) and Network Device Interface (NDI). 

Let start with SRT. Epiphan says "SRT is an open-source video transport protocol that enables high-quality, low-latency video delivery across the public Internet. It allows control over latency to adjust for changing conditions on any given network. Built into SRT is a two-way backchannel that carries essential performance information during streaming. This allows the protocol to detect and address issues like packet loss, jitter, and other threats to quality."

SRT is great to use for remote video contribution over the internet. SRT allows you to bring in remote guests. 


Check out the video from Epiphan on SRT


SRT vs. NDI for remote video production - Epiphan Video

Now lets get into NDI. Epiphan says "NDI is a software standard that allows you to transmit and receive broadcast-quality video with low latency over a local area network (LAN). Using a single LAN port, you can access multiple audio and video devices on the network."

 NDI 5 was recently introduced to us in 2021. NDI 5 is the latest advancement that extends that capability beyond the local network and opens the door for NDI to be the technology that enables broadcast quality remote productions.


 NDI and SRT can be used together. Epiphan gives the example, " For example, consider a large production studio that receives remote video contributions. This could be a TV studio conducting a remote interview, a hybrid conference event, or a government hearing featuring remote testimonials. In this case, it would make sense to bring in the remote video contribution over SRT and use NDI to transmit video locally inside the studio."

The Pearl Nano is the perfect SRT encoder. It's easy to use and compact, which makes it perfect for shipping to remote contributors. The Pearl-2 is the all-in-one streaming, recording, NDI  and SRT encoder. 

Check out the full blog post here!

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