Epiphan Cloud and Pearl's for remote live productions

Corporate Events Online (CEO), an event streaming service and platform that supports high-profile virtual and hybrid events all over the world uses Epiphan's Pearl streaming encoders and Epiphan Cloud to deliver the best remote events possible. 

Epiphan Cloud puts you at the controls for fully remote streaming and recording, monitoring, and switching. It’s the easiest way for your team to create broadcast-quality video from a distance.

CEO turned to Epiphan Cloud because the needed a solution to troubleshoot streaming issues from miles away. CEO does a ton of streaming services including hybrid training sessions, product launches, sales meetings and more. Since these events are happening across multiple locations, it isn't always logistical to send a live streaming specialist to every location. CEO needed a way to access their Pearl video encoders remotely to manage, monitor, and control their distant Pearl devices. That is where Epiphan Cloud comes in.

"Epiphan Cloud gives CEO team members full access to key device statistics like system load, device temperature, and storage usage. They can also enter any device’s UI via remote login for full access to device settings. The team finds having access to Pearl’s network diagnostics tool particularly useful for checking local bandwidth remotely."
Epiphan Video 

“We can do all the same things through Epiphan Cloud as we could if the device were right there in front of us.”
Jim Fiore, President at Corporate Events Online

Epiphan Cloud gave great results with full visibility and full confidence to CEO. 

CEO was able to have peace of mind and confidence about their success of their events. Their team understands Epiphan Cloud's informative warnings and knows how to address the issue right away. They are also able to be in multiple places at once, and efficiently manage their 18 Pearl devices. 

“Epiphan Cloud puts our eyes and ears on site. It allows us to control the outcome of the event.”
Jim Fiore, President at Corporate Events Online

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