Epiphan Connect Creates Your Best Video Experiences with Microsoft Teams

On Today's Videoguys Live, Gary is joined by George Herbert from Epiphan Video to go over their new cloud service Ephiphan Connect, and how it can improve your Microsoft Teams experience.

Watch the full webinar below:

What is the Best Way to Bring Remote Guests Into Your Production?
Possible Solutions:

  • Direct Call Links (Vmix, Rendezvous)
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams

The Solution for the Future is Microsoft Teams with Epiphan Connect
The easiest way to broadcast from anywhere!

  • Make joining your production as easy as any Teams call​
  • The familiar environment used by over 280 million users will put guests at ease and let everyone focus on making great content from anywhere

Elevate Your Content Without Sacrificing Convenience​
Engaging content features branded layouts, live switching, and beautiful graphics. Epiphan Connect™ lets you achieve all of this with Microsoft Teams, unlocking your capacity to create polished live and on-demand video experiences for everyone.​

How Does Epiphan Connect Work?
It creates an SRT Stream from independent call channels in Microsoft Teams

What is the SRT Protocol?
SRT stands for “Secure Reliable Transport” ​
The goal of SRT is to deliver high-quality, low-latency video streaming over unpredictable public networks which it does by:​

  • ​Control over video and audio transmission, including the ability to adjust latency​
  • Incorporating a unique, bi-directional User Datagram Protocol (UDP) stream that continuously sends and receives control data during streaming​
  • Compensating for packet loss, jitter, and other threats to quality based on UDP stream data​

Is SRT Better than RTMP?

  • YES
  • SRT: SRT can adapt to fluctuating network conditions to minimize packet loss, jitter, and other threats to quality. Making it viable solution for sending video over the worst networks, or unpredictable networks such as the public Internet.
  • RTMP: RTMPS, sends source data to the target streaming server or content delivery network (CDN) without regard for any data that may get lost along the way.​

What Can SRT Streams Do That Teams Directly Can't?

Unparalleled Video Quality from Teams​
  • Epiphan Connect leverages the highest quality Teams video available, higher than a standard Teams call, up to 1080p​
  • Screen cropping of Teams will not be affected with individual SRT feeds as inputs.​

Mix Isolated Audio Feeds

  • Enjoy total control over who the audience hears in your broadcast with Epiphan Connect, which can isolate participant audio into separate tracks.​

Acquire Up to 9 Teams Sources

  • From Epiphan Connect, up to 9 different meeting participants can be acquired and sent to your production software.

How Are You Going to Use Epiphan Connect?

Bring Microsoft Teams Guests Into Your Production​

  • Microsoft Teams is already your go-to tool for collaboration​
  • Add Epiphan Connect and it can double as an efficient platform for creating fully branded video experiences​
  • Powering everything from company town halls and hybrid events to webinars and podcasts.​

Turn Any Meeting Into A Professional Broadcast​

  • Go beyond video-conferencing and give any Teams meeting a broadcast-quality experience​
  • Instead of a simple gallery view, showcase your content with the unlimited creativity of a production system​

Upgrade Your Video Quality

  • When you use a good camcorder, you can get a really professional image
  • Take the HDMI or SDI out to the AV.io and it turns that camcorder into a super webcam right in Teams
AV.io 4K AV.io HD+ AV.io SDI+


Capture 4K over HDMI in perfect fidelity or use hardware scaling to capture any resolution.


The simplest way to capture HDMI or DVI video sources at resolutions up to 1080p.


Works seamlessly with your SDI video sources, including: SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI.

$579.95 $449.95 $579.95

Pearl Nano

  • Pearl Nano is a perfect fit for small-scale events, SRT contribution encoding, and as a dedicated streamer and recorder.
  • Epiphan connect turns the Teams Feed into an SRT feed​
  • Another way to get an SRT feed is to use the Pearl Nano with a camera at any remote location
  • $1,695.00

Pearl Mini and Pearl 2

  • Epiphan Pearl Production Systems are the final piece of the puzzle in the studio. ​
  • Take the SRT stream from Connect, Take an SRT feed from another Pearl, combine them with the Hardware IOs and create a full production system that handles both a local studio setup and remote contribution​
  • Get complete SRT production capabilities with the Pearl mixers​
Pearl Mini Pearl 2
Record, stream, and switch up to three full HD video inputs from HDMI™, SDI, and USB sources with Pearl Mini™. Use the giant touch screen or web-based interface, or access and operate the system from anywhere in the world with Epiphan Cloud. Pearl-2™ brings the pro features and processing power required for the most demanding live events including 4K streaming and recording, live switching, NDI support, and chroma keying. Add Epiphan Cloud and you can control Pearl-2 from anywhere to produce broadcast-quality content from a distance.
$3,495.00 $7,499.00


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