Epiphan Connect Enables Live Production with Microsoft Teams

Epiphan recently posted a blog article about how to produce live events with MS Teams. Microsoft Teams is a widely-used communication and collaboration platform with over 270 million users. In addition to its everyday use, it is also becoming a popular choice for virtual and hybrid event producers. This is because many guests are already familiar with the app, making it a comfortable environment for them to participate in live events.

There are several ways to produce live events with MS Teams, including capturing isolated participant and screen shares, using NDI broadcasting, and integrating with Epiphan Connect. These methods allow producers to extract live content from MS Teams and incorporate it into their virtual or hybrid events.

For example, with the ability to capture isolated participant and screen shares, producers can easily select specific feeds to include in their live event. This allows for a more customized and engaging experience for the audience. NDI broadcasting allows for seamless integration with other video production tools, making it easy to incorporate MS Teams content into the overall production. And with Epiphan Connect, producers can manage and control their MS Teams events from anywhere, creating a true cloud-based virtual event.

Overall, the use of MS Teams in live event production offers a familiar and user-friendly environment for both producers and guests, as well as a range of options for extracting and incorporating live content.

Epiphan Connect and MS Teams

Effort level: A walk in the park

Feasibility: Cloud efficiency for greater flexibility

Results: Highest quality and vastly simplified setup

How to use Epiphan Connect:

  • Create an Epiphan Connect account and pair it to your Microsoft Teams account
  • Paste the MS Teams meeting URL in Epiphan Connect
  • Epiphan Connect bot joins the meeting
  • Connect isolates each participant and screen share into separate feeds
  • Pull the participants’ isolated feeds into your production tool of choice (check out Epiphan Unify if you want to produce from the cloud)
  • Crop, mix, and switch between sources, add lower thirds or graphics in your production tool of choice

Epiphan Connect is a virtual event platform that simplifies the production workflow for live events with MS Teams. It eliminates the need for local hardware, allowing producers to manage events from anywhere in the world. Epiphan Connect also enables the isolation of participants into separate feeds, allowing for full HD video and isolated audio in productions. This provides producers with a lot of flexibility and creativity to create engaging and immersive virtual events.

One of the key benefits of Epiphan Connect is its convenience for both producers and participants. With the ability to handle packet transfers in real-time and provide full diagnostics, producers can focus on creating high-quality content without worrying about technical challenges. At the same time, participants can use the familiar environment of MS Teams to easily join and participate in the event.

Overall, the emergence of Epiphan Connect has made it easier for producers to create professional content through MS Teams, providing a convenient and powerful solution for virtual and hybrid event production.

Read the full article from Epiphan HERE

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