Epiphan Connect for Zoom at NAB 2023

Epiphan Video announced at NAB 2023 Epiphan Connect for Zoom, the latest expansion of their cloud-based tool that makes broadcast-quality live streaming more accessible.

It's interesting to see how online meeting services are evolving beyond their traditional purpose of video collaboration and communication to become platforms for producing high-quality video content. Epiphan Video's launch of Epiphan Connect for Zoom at NAB 2023 seems to be a timely response to this trend.

Epiphan Video's expertise in video encoding devices makes them well-positioned to offer a fresh approach for repackaging the video feeds generated from online meetings. Epiphan Connect for Zoom could potentially simplify the process of capturing, recording, and live streaming video content from Zoom meetings, enabling businesses and individuals to create professional-quality video content more easily.

As the demand for video content continues to grow, it's not surprising to see companies like Epiphan Video innovating to meet this need. It will be interesting to see how Epiphan Connect for Zoom is received by users and whether it becomes a game-changer in the world of online video production.

How Epiphan Video Connect Works with Zoom
Epiphan Connect provides a unique approach to managing Zoom video feeds that allows for greater flexibility and control over the final video output.

By treating each meeting participant's video as an isolated input, Epiphan Connect enables users to manipulate these inputs using switchers to create video outputs similar to those seen in cable news interviews. This approach can be particularly useful for situations where the meeting's content needs to be edited or repurposed, such as for a training session or promotional video.

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