Epiphan Connect & Microsoft Teams are Transforming the Future of Video Production

In an recent article from AVTechnology, written by Cindy Davis, she goes over Epiphan Connect integrating with Microsoft Teams. Epiphan Connect is a software solution that allows for the integration of Microsoft Teams with live broadcasting tools. This integration enables the extraction of video and audio feeds from Teams meetings, which can then be pushed to live broadcasting platforms for streaming or recording purposes.

By using Epiphan Connect's deep integration with Microsoft Teams, users can easily capture high-quality video and audio from Teams meetings and use them in their live broadcasts. This can be useful for a variety of applications, including webinars, virtual events, online classes, and more.

Epiphan Connect's integration with Microsoft Teams provides a streamlined solution for capturing and sharing live video and audio content, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their virtual communication and collaboration capabilities.

Epiphan Connect Integrates with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft partnered with Epiphan Video to create a solution that enables the extraction of video and audio feeds from Teams meetings and pushing them to live broadcasting tools. Epiphan Video has been a pioneer in the AV technology industry for over 18 years, creating innovative solutions that have powered the creation of video content in a variety of spaces, including classrooms, meeting spaces, and even aboard the International Space Station.

Epiphan Connect is a deep integration that bridges the gap between video conferencing and live events. It allows for the extraction of video and audio feeds from Teams meetings and pushes them to live broadcasting tools, making it possible for users to create professional-quality content with ease. This solution is designed to unlock the full potential of the Microsoft Teams platform, enabling users to create engaging and dynamic live broadcasts using the familiar and powerful tools of Teams.

Epiphan Video's expertise and innovation in the AV technology industry has made it an ideal partner for Microsoft as they seek to unlock the full potential of collaboration tools like Teams and enable users to create high-quality content in a virtual environment. The Epiphan Connect solution is a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with video technology.

“The beauty of Epiphan Connect is that it integrates with Microsoft Teams, a tool everyone is familiar with and is very much plug-and-play. An executive presenting at a meeting can just step on stage and present their content. There’s no requirement for a technical aptitude in creating a high-fidelity production because all of that is outsourced to Epiphan Connect.” -Brody Langley, senior partner development manager at Microsoft

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