Epiphan delivers small, cloud-based video production

Cloud-based video production has many benefits. It can be the push you needed to produce more webinars, hybrid events, on-demand content and more. That's why Marta Chernova of Epiphan Video explains five key benefits in her recent article. 

"Cloud-based video production platforms allow you to store, manage, edit, render, and produce on-demand and live video content in the cloud. Another aspect of cloud-based production is the ability to control, access, and manage remote AV equipment."
 Marta Chernova 

Here are five benefits of cloud-based video production.

  1. Unlock anytime, anywhere collaboration and contribution
    Cloud-based video production tools allows remote team members contribute to their project, no matter where they are in the world. 

    "This offers tremendous flexibility," Chernova says. "For example, a video editor and a director can work on the same video while being miles apart. With a cloud tool like Frame.io, the director can leave comments in the timeline for the editor to act on."

    This is also a positive for live event production. This allows producers to mix and switch multiple events from a central location. Epiphan Cloud which comes free with Pearl encoders allows you to record, mix, switch & stream video and audio from anywhere!

  2. Accelerate your video production pipeline
    Usually an editor can only start working when the footage is stored on physical drives, but with cloud team members can work in parallel. The cloud tool, Epiphan Unify offers the ultimate flexibility to record, switch, mix, and restream content from anywhere, alone or working virtually alongside others. It’s the perfect cloud-powered production platform for live webinars, on-demand content, multisite hybrid events, and any other opportunity that comes your way.

  3. Save on expenses
    Cloud-based on production can help you save! With cloud-based production your team can do everything remote. Which means you can save on office size or even an office all together. You can also save on travel expenses by saving on flights and accommodations for your crew to be on location. 

  4. Get the processing power you need
    "Need 4K streaming and recording but don’t have the local processing power or bandwidth? Looking for dynamic overlays and smooth on-screen graphics for your live production? Need to add live automatic transcription? Cloud tools like Epiphan Unify bring processing power directly to your productions, helping transcend local production limitations."

     Marta Chernova 

  5. Boost production resilience
    Working in the cloud improves resilience against data loss. Storing in the cloud can leave peace of mind since there are several backup servers and all team members can access it. 

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