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Epiphan recently wrote a great article that goes over Lecture Capture. If you're talking about education and AV, then chances are, you'll also be talking about Lecture Capture. And that's for a good reason! Lecture Capture is one of the most popular applications in video in education today. But what is Lecture Capture? And why should you use it? Let's find out!

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture Capture is the act of recording live lectures, for them to be available to students at a later date for on demand viewing. There are many benefits for why colleges and universities would have Lecture Capture in place for students. For example:

Flexibility: If for some reason some students can't be present for class, those students can watch the recording on their own time and be able to catch up on the class material.

Comprehension: School can be very overwhelming, and some students have a harder time keeping up. These students can go back and re-watch these lectures as many times as they want or need to help them fully understand the class material. The lecture recordings also make for great study aids for upcoming exams. 

Accessibility: Students with disabilities or learning impairments can also severely benefit from recorded lectures. This way, the lectures are always on demand for them to go back and review.  

Key Components of Lecture Capture

So, now we know what Lecture Capture is, and what the benefits of it are. How do you set up Lecture Capture? Here are the 5 key components to Lecture Capture:

  • Video source(s) – Cameras, a laptop running a slide deck, a tablet or other mobile device, etc.
  • Audio source(s) – Microphones, sometimes paired with a mixer or an in-room audio system
  • Video encoder – A general-purpose computer running a recording application, or a dedicated appliance purpose-built for recording and/or streaming
  • Video content management system (CMS) – E.g., Kaltura, Panopto, YuJa, Opencast, Echo360
  • Learning management system (LMS) – E.g., Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Moodle

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