Epiphan Guide to Panopto vs Kaltura

Epiphan recently made a great improvement to their streaming device, the Pearl Mini. Pearl Mini now pairs with both Panopto and Kaltura, making it a perfect device for those streaming in the education space.

But which application is better for your niche? Epiphan recently posted a great article explaining the differences between Panopto and Kaltura when it comes to the Pearl Mini. We're going to take a look at some of the finer points from that article.

What is Kaltura for business and education?

Kaltura is a video solution that is made up of a video platform and a large range of products- all packaged to allow users to edit and manage videos in a searchable library.

Kaltura can record meetings and lectures from any office space or classroom. Multiple source recordings can be automatically published to LMSs. Uploaded content can be enriched with features like like captioning, video quizzes, and advanced metadata using the integrated Kaltura platform and products.

What is Panopto?

Panopto is a "set it and forget it" application that allows educators streaming in the lecture capture space to focus on what's really important- teaching.

This SaaS video content management system and online portal is designed specifically for educators and business institutions. Hosted in the cloud, Panopto supports elastic scaling, and adjusts usage and storage based on user needs.

Panopto is an “all-in” video solution that’s packaged as a single web-based application, whereas Kaltura offers a suite of “pick-and-choose” add ons for a customizable video solution. Free mobile apps are also available. There’s the Panopto Mobile app for iPhone and iPad, as well as the Panopto for Android app.


Learn more in Epiphan's article, HERE.

Learn about Epiphan HERE.

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