Epiphan: Guide to Telemedicine for Healthcare

Epiphan hosts a great weekly webinar series on their YouTube channel to educate viewers on some of the newest advancements and applications with their technology.

One of the most recent updates to this webinar series covers a guide to Telemedicine with Epiphan. The video is extremely informative and shares valuable information. Check it out, below.

With the world mid pandemic, telemedicine and virtual healthcare surely have a place in the forefront. Check out this guide from Epiphan to this topical issue.

Current events have drawn attention to the value of video conferencing tools in many different sectors. We take a look at how online video is making medicine more accessible by enabling patients to receive care and practitioners to deliver it from a distance. Plus, we share examples of how firms have integrated Epiphan Video products into their Telehealth solutions.


Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Epiphan HERE.

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