Epiphan is a Leader for Remote Learning Technology

Since the COVID-19 pandemic teachers and students have had to turn to remote learning. With schools and Universities closing down and moving all lessons online, the demand for Epiphan products have sky rocketed. Epiphan video grabbers and professional streaming and recording products capture, record, and stream video from just about any source, making them perfect for remote learning. 


Epiphan was founded in 2003 and has had tremendous growth over the years. With thousands of customers, like NASA and Harvard University it has grown its revenues every year of its existence. Especially this year due to the pandemic where remote learning is on the rise and video-capture devices are in such high demand. 

With the huge demand for Epiphan products since the pandemic, Epiphan's CFO Jeff Kushner says it hasn't been easy. “I can’t get enough product to meet our sales,” he says. “It’s a very good problem to have – it’s just taking up a lot of time.” 

Since the pandemic Epiphan has stayed open and has their employees working remotely and even grew their team to keep up with their rise in business. With remote learning making its mark on North America, Kushner believes the best is yet to come!


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