Epiphan Live: How UNLV is shaping the future of lecture capture

Epiphan is streaming live from InfoComm 2023 on Wednesday, June 14th at 3pm EST!

Advancements in learning technology are revolutionizing the classroom experience, and the possibilities for lecture capture are truly inspiring. 

Join Epiphan as they showcase how UNLV is leveraging Panopto and Epiphan to deliver a touchless classroom capture experience at scale. 

Discover how UNLV is shaping the future of lecture capture:

  • Creating the ultimate virtual learning experience that mirrors in-person interactions 
  •  Deploying solutions at scale, ensuring consistent video experiences across the entire campus 
  •  Realizing the full potential of cloud management, optimizing the learning technology team's efforts  

Watch the webinar on June 14th at 3pm EST here!

Learn more about Epiphan here!




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