Epiphan Lyvescript: Transcribe Speech to Text in Real Time!

The Epiphan LiveScrypt is a largely anticipated device from Epiphan, used as a great add on to your live production. LiveScrypt comes in a similar for factor to the Pearl Mini, and combines the pros of both a hardware appliance for audio input, and a cloud application for transcriptions.

LiveScypt is a live transcription service, with a touch screen format that feeds incoming audio and multiple sources from the cloud.

The hardware within the LiveScrypt supports a wide range of audio inputs, which includes balanced audio in the form of XLR inputs.  It also features stereo RCA connectors, and a 3.5mm audio port, as well as two HDMI ports, SDI audio and two USB ports. 

There is also a wide range of capabilities when it comes to pulling in text from other applications.  For example, streamingmedia.com was able to create an integration between Wirecast and LiveScrypt. 

"To capture the text in Wirecast, I connected the LiveScrypt HDMI output to an Epiphan AV.io 4K USB capture device and configured the AV.io input into the cropped box appearing at the bottom of the video input. For the record, this video was from a Sennheiser microphone review shot a few years ago, and the audio quality was quite good. I played the video file on a Mac notebook, which I input into the LiveScrypt unit via RCA connectors. At the same time, I played the same video on an HP notebook, which I input into Wirecast via Desktop Presenter." 


Check out the full streamingmedia.com article here.

Learn more about Epiphan HERE.

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