Epiphan Pearl-2 and NDI Streamline Video Production

In Epiphan's recent case study, Epiphan highlights the Pearl-2 and NDI. Hawaii State Senate installed six Pearl-2's, the all-in-one system for live video switching, streaming and recording in HD with option to add 4K in their facility. 

Hawaii State Senate was looking for a way to streamline video production and an all-in-one solution that would support NDI inputs. The Pearl-2 was the perfect solution. The Pearl-2  is the easiest way to do 4K live streaming, switching, and recording.

Hawaii State Senates IT Director Chris Lam and System Analyst Robbie Omura took on the case. 

"Omura set up six Pearl-2 encoders to capture NDI inputs from individual session spaces. All six rooms feature three video sources, including two PTZ cameras and one computer with video conferencing for remote participation. A Pearl-2 system captures all three video sources via NDI, and in-room audio is brought in through one of the PTZ cameras."


The Pearl-2 was a success! It's easy to use interface and many features gives Lam and Omura everything they were looking for. 

"Pearl-2 is straightforward enough that any of our users can operate it with confidence, even if they have very little technical or video experience."
Chris Lam, Director of IT, Hawaii State Senate


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