Epiphan Pearl-2 Case Study: multi-camera mock-trial experience

Another Epiphan success story! Verdict Advantage, a legal consulting firm in California turned to Epiphan when they "needed a versatile solution to power the video component of its innovative service offering: a highly realistic courtroom environment for conducting live jury focus groups" Epiphan said. The Pearl-2 was their answer. The Pearl-2 is an all-in-one system for live video switching, streaming and recording in HD with option to add 4K. 

Verdict Advantage along with other attorneys and legal teams rely on live jury focus groups to prepare for trial. Verdict Advantage had a goal of delivering the most realistic live jury focus group out there. Their faux courtroom contains a main courtroom, a deliberation room, and attached conference rooms.


"Participants not only see the live feed during the trial and deliberations but can also go back and watch all the videos and really analyze them from the standpoint of the lawyer – to catch reactions and other moments they may not have picked up on during their live session.”
Jesse Vaughan, Head of Business Operations at Verdict Advantage

The Pearl-2 hardware encoder was able to offer the perfect solution. This cost effected solution was able to power the video elements for Verdict Advantage. 

"An array of technology make up Verdict Advantage’s video component, with a Pearl-2 as the video encoder core:

  • Pearl-2 uses a six-channel configuration with dual presets: one to capture the main courtroom and another for the adjacent deliberation room.
  • A Crestron switcher routes the cameras into Pearl-2 via HDMI as well as SDI.
  • Pearl-2 outputs the feeds to the 360-degree in-room display on a multi-view layout for live viewing while recording each channel separately for review or post-production.
  • Pearl-2 can also capture the content feed – an attorney’s laptop, for example, or a 3D object or document camera – which an operator can switch to using a Crestron touch panel.
  • Audio comes in through a combination of gooseneck, proximity, and wireless lapel microphones connected to a two-channel amplifier."

Pearl-2 was the smart, cost effective solution for Verdict Advantage. Since the use of the Pearl-2 they have been able to attract law firms looking to use its unique premises for authentic trial practice. Vaughan says "Out of the box, Pearl-2 delivered exactly what we needed. As we worked more with the system, we discovered so many features that weren’t part of the original plan but will help us expand our capabilities and our business."


Check out the full case study here!

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