Epiphan Pearl-2 Delivers High-Quality Remote Video Training

The Epiphan Pearl Systems are excellent devices for Remote Production, especially in video remote training. Recently, Epiphan created a great article detailing a remote training workflow for the team at Envirosight, using the Pearl-2.

Envirosight is a company in New Jersey who have built an in house state of the art video production facility for easy video remote production training.  The turnkey piece to their workflow is the Epiphan Pearl-2.  

The Need: Convenient and Cost-Effective Interactive Production

Envirosight's robust portfolio of sewer assets means a hefty inspection process that requires intense and specific training from the right people.  They also need to be able to train employees from anywhere, and with the pandemic causing even more spread among employees, a remote training program was absolutely essential.  

The solution: An in-house video studio powered by Pearl-2

Pearl-2 is found at the center of Envirosight's in house video production studio.  Within the studio there are three training zones, all of which feed back to the Pearl-2. 

Check out this diagram detailing the workflow:


Check out the full article HERE. 

Learn more about Epiphan HERE.

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