Epiphan Pearl-2 Delivers Infallible Live Event Streaming for Disney and Imagine Dragons

The Epiphan Pearl-2 is a great tool for any professional live streaming production. Including productions from MSAVi Pro production team in Las Vegas, and live events for the Walt Disney company.

Pearl-2 and MSAVi Pro

MSAVi Pro is a live streaming service and production team who often record and stream concerts and major events. For example, the team recently covered an Imagine Dragons concert in Las Vegas, Nevada- for 200K live viewers.

Concert Streaming

The Epiphan Pearl-2 was essential to this production. This streaming appliance was used to stream the entire production online. The Pearl-2 Encoders are MSAVI Pro's hardware of choice, and has been for quite some time.

Mike Salas, a Managing Member at MSAVi PRO, LLC sat down with Epiphan, to talk about the Pearl-2. Specifically, Salas reflected on the appliances reliability with a large work flow.

There is no wiggle room for failure. Your (Epiphan's) devices have't failed us once.

Mike Salas, Managing Member at MSAVi Pro, LLC

Streaming for Disney Corp

As well as streaming live events and major concerts, MSAVi PRO also does some work for the Walt Disney Company. Namely, the live production and streaming of Disney's corporate events. This includes shareholders and investors meetings, as well as conferences and conventions.

Of course, this streaming relies on the Pearl-2.

Using the Pearl-2, MSAVi PRO, and many other companies, are able to bring streaming and live production to a higher level.

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