Epiphan Pearl-2 for SRT remote production

Live streaming experts, Aaron Parecki, John Barker, Curtis Judd, and PhotoJoseph recently got together to test the SRT capabilities of Epiphan's family of Pearl Encoders. SRT which stands for Secure Reliable Transport, delivers high-quality video and audio with low latency over the unreliable public Internet. From all different parts of the world, the four participants were put together on a single live stream. Three of the participants contributed an audio and video feed from their own Pearl Nano to the fourth participant's Pearl-2. 

Check out this image explaining the workflow of each participant.


The result was high-quality, low-latency streaming! 

"Even though the four participants were thousands of miles apart, they achieved sub-second latency via SRT. Measured with relation to PhotoJoseph, Aaron came in 0.46 seconds behind, Curtis was at 0.72 seconds, and John’s streaming latency was 0.87 seconds. These results are even more impressive when you consider that John was streaming from a remote rural area in Sweden using an unpredictable 4G connection."
 Marta Chernova, Epiphan Video

Check out this video from Curtis Judd's YouTube channel 

 “Pearl hardware is pretty efficient in this regard. Actually, I am really impressed with that. I expected that to be higher.”

Check out the full article here!

See the video on YouTube here!

Learn more about Epiphan here!

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