Epiphan Pearl Nano gets exciting new features

Epiphan Video recently added H.265/HEVC encoding to the Pearl Nano video encoder and the option to upgrade the Nano with 4K streaming and recording. The Pearl Nano offers the ultimate blend of portability and versatility with a refined yet robust feature set that includes ingestion, encoding, HDMI pass-through, and recording.

"This is just our latest effort to bring customers intuitive, innovative, and trusted tools for their video applications. We’re all about giving customers the products and services they need to thrive today and into the future. Pearl Nano offered a ton of value out of the gate, and the addition of 4K and H.265 make it the clear market leader in its category."
Julian Fernandez, director of product marketing at Epiphan

 The 4K feature add-on pairs nicely with Pearl Nano’s free H.265/HEVC encoding capabilities: H.265 can halve the size of your content while preserving the image quality that makes 4K video something to behold.

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