Epiphan Pearl Encoders let you Multistream to Multiple Destinations

Epiphan Pearl hardware encoders simplify live video production with advanced features along with professional-grade construction and components – all backed by rock-solid customer support. Plus, Pearl systems can stream to YouTube, Facebook Live, or any other content delivery network (CDN) simultaneously.
Multistreaming greatly expands the pool of potential viewers and lets you reach your existing audience on their preferred platform. Epiphan Pearl-2, Pearl Mini, and Pearl Nano systems make multistreaming easy – watch to learn how.

Epiphan Pearl-2

The ultimate all-in-one video production system.  Pearl-2 brings the pro features and processing power required for the most demanding live events.


Epiphan Pearl Mini

Simplified live video production.  Pearl Mini offers the same all-in-one video production functionality as Pearl-2 in a more portable chassis with a giant touch screen for maximum ease of use.


Epiphan Pearl Nano

The perfect-fit streamer and recorder.  Pearl Nano is ideal for small-scale live events or SRT contribution encoding, and as a streamer and recorder added onto an existing production setup.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Epiphan HERE.

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