Epiphan Pearl family: 3 steps to hybrid event success

Hybrid events have become more popular over the last couple of years when the pandemic hit. If you are producing hybrid events or thinking about it, Epiphan covers the key strategies to create successful hybrid events. Check out what they have to say. 

Step one: Get clear on your goals
Epiphan suggests clarifiying what you want to accomplish as you frist step. Figure out who your contributors are, who is your target audience for the event, and and where you are displaying your cotnent. 

Step two: Ensure you have the right components
Get your team together before hand to organize and prepare for the event and identifiy which team member is responsible for key jobs. Make sure you figure out if the venus is providing the network or are you responsible. And make sure you have the right equipment to produce a successful event. 

Epiphan suggests using Epiphan Cloud to take control of your hybrid event from a distance and having a powerful encoder, such as the family of Epiphan Pearl encoders. 

Step three: Choose a production setup that fits your goals
The final step is all about defining your exact hybrid event production setup.
Each hybrid event will vary. Some might require multi-encoding or remote access and control. 
Check out some sample production setups Epiphan put togehter. 

Hybrid event space

Off-site production environment

"It’s best to choose a hardware encoder like Epiphan’s Pearl devices for your hybrid event production instead of a software encoder. You’re better served using a system that was built from the ground up for live streaming and recording instead of general-purpose hardware full of parallel software and processes competing for resources. And with features like easy remote configuration, versatile streaming options, and the ability to multistream, Pearl offers everything you need to produce a successful hybrid event."
Bill Allan

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