Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 2: Dynamic Live Events

Create Dynamic Live Events using Epiphan Pearl

Epiphan Pearl is the best solution when you need to stream and record a dynamic presentation that includes live switching between multiple sources and fully-customized layouts. You can deliver a visually dynamic live production using two different video sources and custom layouts to keep your viewers glued to the screen. Get high quality recordings of both video inputs so you can create a variety of related products in post-production. Epiphan Pearl - Dynamic Live Events diagram

Pearl has everything you need for an engaging live stream and easy post-production.

  1. Connect your laptop to a port on row A at the back of Pearl and Lumio 12x into the HDMI or SDI port in row B. Connect audio from your mixing panel to the TRS ports in row A or B.
  2. Use Pearl’s two auto channels (add your analog audio) for your program ISOs.
  3. Add a third channel. Develop engaging and creative layouts containing any combination of your video sources, background images and logos. Configure streaming to YouTube or the CDN of your choice.
  4. When it’s time to start the event, use Pearl’s touch screen or Epiphan Live to start recording on all three channels, start streaming on channel three.
Throughout the event, keep your presentation interesting by using the touch screen or Epiphan Live to control live switching between your layouts on channel 3.

Get even more from Pearl

  • Reduce system load by encoding your channels at 25 fps and add the capacity to show one of your sources or your live produced channel through a projector at your venue!
  • Don’t need ISOs? Create your dynamic program from up to 4 HD video sources instead of two!
  • Upgrade to Pearl Rackmount Twin to do even more.

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