Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 4: Effortless Observation

Effortless Observation with Epiphan Pearl

Optimize usability and user experience testing labs with this simple, powerful setup that captures every detail, from every angle. Pearl Guide Use Pearl’s video output ports for real-time observation to discretely watch from another room without missing a moment in your observations. Simultaneously stream to offsite researchers via YouTube, a CDN or direct streaming connection. See four displays or video sources concurrently.
  1. Connect your video and audio sources to Pearl.
  2. Create the 4-up local monitoring and high-res recording channel by arranging your sources in a matrix format with a small timestamp overlay.
  3. Configure a video output port to display this channel on your observation monitor.
  4. Create a second channel with the same layout but use a smaller frame size for streaming. Configure your streaming settings or copy the streaming url and forward it to viewers who will connect directly.
  5. Configure AFU to automatically upload and videos to your servers.
  6. When it’s time to record your subjects, use Epiphan Live to start recording and streaming without disturbing your test subject.
GET EVEN MORE FROM PEARL! Create extra layouts on channel one, permitting the observer to switch between different video sources as needed. • Bookmark points of interest in the video by switching to a layout with a reference point indicator (e.g. an overlay image). • Upgrade to Pearl Rackmount Twin to also record full-sized ISOs of each input.
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