Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 5: Outside The Box

Deliver your live presentation to audience members in different locations by taking advantage of overflow rooms. Epiphan Pearl guide part 5 When room size limitations prevents all audience members from attending in the same room, use smart TVs to display the video stream in other locations. Take advantage of Pearl’s video output ports to also show your slides on a local monitor or projector.

Share your picture in picture view via Smart TV while simultaneously creating high quality ISO recordings.

  1. Connect your laptop to a port on row A at the back of Pearl and Lumio 12x into the HDMI or SDI port in row B. Connect audio from your mixing panel to the TRS ports in row A or B.
  2. Use Pearl’s two auto channels (add your analog audio) for your program ISOs.
  3. Configure one of Pearl’s video output ports to display the laptop slides. Connect your in-room slide projector to this port.
  4. Create a third channel with a layout that includes both your video sources arranged overtop of a background image. Turn on UPnP sharing for this channel.
  5. Configure your Smart TV(s) to show this live stream.
  6. Configure Pearl’s single touch recording to include all three of your channels.
When it’s time to start your event, begin recording your presentation and accompanying ISOs with the touch of your finger on Pearl’s touch screen. GET EVEN MORE FROM PEARL!
  • Don’t need ISOs of every video feed? Add up to 4 video sources to your PIP layout.
  • Also need stream to a CDN? No problem! Simply configure and start streaming.
  • Gain capacity to display your program on a large local display for monitoring by choosing a lower encoding frame rate.

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