Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 6: Lower Thirds

Keep your audience informed and direct their attention to the screen with this dynamic setup using lower thirds. pearl guide - part 6 Add contextual information, brand your content and provide valuable additional information in the lower part of your live video stream. Record a high-quality clean ISO of your camera source for convenient post-processing. Live stream and record your program with lower thirds layout while also recording a high-quality ISO of your camera source.
  1. Decide what you’d like to show in your lower thirds and design a static or moving information bar using software on your laptop.
  2. Connect your camera and laptop to Pearl.
  3. Create your lower thirds channel. Add the camera source and make it fill the frame. Layer over your laptop source, cropped to fit the lower third (or desired portion) of your screen. Configure your streaming settings.
  4. Configure a video output port to display this channel for large-sized local monitoring of the lower thirds stream.
  5. Create your ISO source channel by adding only the camera, full frame. Remember to pick your desired recording format (MP4, AVI or MOV)
  6. Be sure to test your stream! When it’s time to start your event, use the front touch screen or Epiphan Live to start streaming and recording your channel!
  • Add a camera-only layout to your live program channel. Switch to this layout when the lower thirds has been up long enough to read or while you are changing the content of the lower thirds feed on your laptop.
  • Add another source! Anything from another laptop with slides or diagrams to a second camera. Create new layouts in channel 1 to take advantage of this new video source.

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