Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 7: 4K 4-Up Multiview

Preserve every detail of four 1080p sources by combining them into a single 4-up, 4K recording. pearl guide part 7 When you need to monitor four 1080p sources on a single 4K screen, Pearl-2 has you covered. Record, watch on a connected monitor and even stream your 4K compilation.
  1. Connect your sources to the ports on the back of Pearl-2.
  2. Create a 4K channel and add each of the four sources to the channel, one in each quadrant of the 4K screen.
  3. Optionally configure streaming.
  4. Configure the HDMI output port to show your channel and connect your 4K monitor.
When it’s time to start streaming and recording, use Epiphan Live or Pearl-2’s touch screen to get things started! GET EVEN MORE FROM PEARL-2!
  • Use Pearl-2’s hardware scaling ability to reduce your inputs to 720p for lower bandwidth streaming.
  • Add a timestamp overlay using the Admin panel

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