Epiphan Pearl Guide Part 8: Multi-Source Recorder

When you have multiple sources that you need to record in high definition and perfect synchronicity. pearl guide 8 multi source recorder Whether you’re capturing a performance rehearsal or a video wall operator, get perfectly crisp, completely synchronized video at 1080p30 from up to six sources. Each source is captured perfectly in its original resolution. Recording and streaming are controlled for all sources with a simple touch!
  1. Connect your sources to the ports on the back of Pearl (up to 4 sources) or Pearl-2 (up to 6 sources).
  2. Create a channel per source and configure the layout to show the source full screen. Set encoding and streaming for each channel.
  3. Configure all channels to be part of Pearl’s single touch streaming and recording control.
  4. When it’s time to start streaming and recording, use Pearl's one touch streaming and recording controls and you’re live!
  • For even more sources, try Pearl Rackmount Twin.
  • Reduce system load by encoding your channels at 25 fps and add the capacity to show one of your sources on a large display for confidence monitoring!
  • Try Pearl’s multi-track recorder to create a single multi-track file with all the recordings.

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