Epiphan Pearl Mini Quick Setup Video

Live streaming production systems are an easy and fast way to get your production up and streaming. You might be able to piece together a live streaming production with separate devices like encoders or video switchers but you may run into some issues doing so. Then you have to deal with several companies to diagnose and figure out what went wrong. Plus, you may think you're saving money by getting cheaper products and using them as one but with all of the accessories needed to get them to communicate, the alternative might have been more accurate. Neither approach to live streaming is right or wrong, but one thing is true is that using a live production system that handles many different aspects of your show are just easier to use and maintain. The Epiphan Pearl systems are among the easiest from purchase-to-use in the industry and are widely used by streamers of all kinds. The Epiphan Pearl Mini especially has been welcomed into the product line being desired for it's ease-of-use and it's portability in being much smaller than it's predecessor the Epiphan Pearl 2. Helping making it easy for their customers are Epiphan themselves with their helpful guides that are on their YouTube channel. This quick setup video from George at Epiphan outlines how to get your Epiphan Pearl Mini production-ready once you get it in the studio.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

This how-to training video is for our Pearl Mini all-in-one video production system. This quick setup video takes customers from an out-of-box experience and shows them how to connect power, get the IP address of Pearl Mini and connect to a network, connect an HDMI camera, and create layouts for switching.

Epiphan U training videos are designed to equip your customers with the skills they need to get up-and-running fast on our most popular Epiphan Video products.

You can find all our Epiphan U training videos on our YouTube channel playlists. https://www.youtube.com/user/EpiphanSystems/playlists

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