Epiphan Pearl Mini Tutorials

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The epiphan Pearl Mini is a complete live streaming and switching package in a box not much bigger than a hardcover book. In this detailed training, we'll go through the complete setup and configuration. It's gonna be a long one, but don't worry… that's what chapter markers are for!


Need only one topic? Use these time codes to skip to the video portion you're looking for!

02:44 | Video & audio I/O tour
05:51 | Pricing
06:55 | Accessing control interface
09:44 | UI Tour
13:07 | Channel (program) layout
16:55 | Switching on the Pearl Mini

00:00 | Advanced layout
02:44 | Dynamically updated text
04:08 | Adding graphics
06:30 | Encoding settings (for YouTube)
11:51 | Metadata
12:19 | Streaming setup (for YouTube)
16:55 | Making live event in YouTube
17:09 | Simulstream to other CDN

00:00 | Recording a channel
02:53 | Recording ISOs
06:43 | Input settings including audio sync
09:37 | HDMI out config & use cases
09:44 | UI Tour
13:07 | Channel (program) layout
16:55 | Switching on the Pearl Mini
12:08 | Configuration options, including Auto file upload, USB drive configuration, FTP and UPnP servers, access permissions, Touch Screen options, configuration presets, and more

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