Epiphan Pearl Nano Debut and Live Demo on Videoguys Live

Check out today's Videoguys Live, and see the Epiphan Pearl Nano: the Perfect fit Live Streaming Encoder Live in Action when our host Gary Bettan Invites George Herbert from Epiphan to Demo and Show off this exciting new product, available now for just $1495.

Check out the webinar below.


What is the Pearl Nano?

The Pearl Nano is the latest addition to Epiphan's popular Pearl Family.  This device is a standalone encoder that can stream and record, and allows users to create a composite layout for an engaging stream.  It allows for output via HDMI, HDMI passthrough, or streamed.  It also works as a great primary or redundant recorder, and a confidence and control monitor.  Think of the Pearl Nano as a Pearl Mini that only has one layout channel.  


The host of connections make the Pearl Nano a very flexible encoder.  Check out the diagram below to see what's packed into this box.  

Who can Benefit from the Pearl Nano?

The Pearl Nano can fit into multiple workflows for many different areas.  Some of the prominent use cases we've found are as follows:

  • Conference rooms
  • Houses of Worship
  • Education, classrooms and lecture halls
  • Legislative meetings
  • Corporate events

Advantages of Pearl Nano:

Pearl Nano provides some game changing advantages for those looking to create a higher end, quality stream for their audience.  For starters, the audio capabilities are exception with an XLR and RCA audio input.  There's also a front screen that has control capability and functions as a decent confidence monitor. 

On top of this, Pearl Nano is future proof with SRT, DASH, 4K and H.265 capabilities.  This will allow the Pearl Nano to move through time adapting with the landscape as it develops. 

Users are also met with more power options than found on the other two Pearl Units.  The Pearl Nano includes PoE+ and 12V DC Power capabilities.  Lastly, users are met with great recording capability directly to an SD card.  There's also a recording indicator as a fail safe, to be sure you have started recording. 

Create Composite Layouts

Pearl Nano allows for composite layouts to be created by streamers to host a better, more engaging stream for their audience.  Users can chose between multiple layouts including Picture-In Picture, and Side by Side.  These are great for a speaker with a presentation being share simultaneously.  Pearl Nano also allows you to add a background and logo to up your aesthetic.

Check out the layout we created with our in-house Nano.  

Comparing Pearl Systems:

There's a fair amount of internal comparison to be made between the Nano and the Mini.  Each unit fits best in a specific workflow.

Advantages of the Pearl Nano vs the Pearl Mini:  

  • Smaller (Two Nanos fit in a Rack Unit)
  • Cheaper (About half the price of the Pearl Mini)
  • Ideal for smaller applications
  • HDMI Passthrough
  • PoE+ power (with 12V DC as well)

Advantages of the Pearl Mini vs the Pearl Nano:

  • Switching capability
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Multiple Channels
  • Larger Touch Screen
  • More Inputs

For more information, check out this chart comparing the Pearl Nano, Pearl Mini and the Pearl-2. 

Potential Workflows with the Pearl Nano:

The Pearl Nano fits in many different workflows, but there is a slightly different process to achieve each one.  We've got some of these workflows available below. 

Typical Pearl Nano Setup:

A Typical setup for the Pearl Nano is as follows:

  • Stream and record the event and show it on in room monitors
  • Computer HDMI in, SDI camera in, XLR audio in
  • Passthrough HDMI of computer input
  • Stream composite of computer and camera along with audio
  • Record the composite for post production

Check out this diagram from Epiphan to learn more:

 Using a Pearl Nano as a Standalone Encoder:

Some protocols to follow when using Pearl Nano as a standalone encoder are as follows:

  • Output from switcher as input to Nano
  • Stream to CMS
  • Record the output if recording not available on switcher

Check out this diagram to learn more.


Streaming with Kaltura and Panopto:

Like the other Pearl devices, Pearl Nano also supports Kaltura and Panoptop, making it fit in nicely in the education space.  Check out this diagram using the Pearl Nano and Pearl Mini with Panopto and Kaltura.


Using the Pearl Nano as an SRT Contribution Encoder:

Sending the Pearl Nano as a kit to a remote guest makes it a great piece to the puzzle when using an SRT workflow.  Check out Epiphan's diagram of this workflow, below. 

Using Multiple Pearl Systems Together

There are many workflows where multiple Pearl systems can work together to create the perfect broadcast.  Check out our diagram of just one of these workflows.  

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Epiphan HERE.

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