Epiphan Pearl Nano is an Awesome Device for Streaming

John Moore creates a large volume of videos looking into the latest and greatest in live streaming technology. His produced pieces are excellent in expanding on the small details of new devices. The latest video he released on the Epiphan Pearl Nano is no exception. It’s a terrific look at what sets the Pearl Nano apart from similar encoders.

The Pearl Nano is the newest device in the Epiphan Pearl family. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. wih Kaltura and Panopto integrations to make the Pearl Nano a truly set it and forget it device. Ingest a camera and presentation feed, and customize your layout in Epiphan’s online interface.

"In this video Joihn Moore takes a look at the brand new standalone livestream encoder and recorder from Epiphan. He shares an overview of the capabilities of the device, how he personally set it up, and share some thoughts and ideas for where he thinks it could fit as part of your live event production."

-John Moore

A few of our favorite quotes from the video:

"I see the Pearl Nano being an awesome device to deploy to physical locations or to send out to people who just want to have a higher quality recording or live stream than what you can get on Microsoft Teams of a Zoom call."

"I think the Peal Nano could be a great device for a standalone SRT sender. You could pre-configure the Nano to connect to your SRT destination at your house or within your company firewall and then you could ship it to the present and bring them in remotely. You can tell them to again just plug the device into a network, plug in the camera, shine a light at their face and they’ll be all set."

-John Moore

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about the Pearl Nano HERE.

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