Epiphan Pearl Now has Tighter Panopto Integration and More!

The Panopto 4.9.0 is a video recording, streaming, and managing platform that works perfectly with the Epiphan Pearl Mini and Pearl-2.

Panopto makes it easy for companies, schools and creators to share videos across their teams. Epiphan's Pearl all in one encoders offer additional functions to Panopto users. These features are easy, reliable and perfect for lectures and conferences.

Pearl and Panopto Integration

The Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini encoders act as remote recorders for scheduled recurring streams with Panopto. The Pearl encoders can be easily registered to the platform, and unlock a ton of flexibility.

What else is new in Panopto 4.9

  • Enhanced integration with Kaltura
  • Temperature/CPU load toggle
  • EDID Verification
  • Automatic file upload (AFU) queue deletion confirmation
  • Color space improvements

Check out this article from Epiphan to learn more

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