Epiphan Pearl Takes Live Event Streaming & Recording to the Next Level

Screen Shot 08-17-15 at 10.13 AMHere's another great user story about one of our favorite new devices the Epiphan Pearl. The Epiphan Pearl allows you to stream from multiple sources, encode for multiple CDNs and record up to 250 hours of content. It's perfect for education, worship, corporate, trainign and event video producers.

See how Pearl helped Source of Knowledge increase their success rate for live event capture, streaming and recording while reducing complexity and risk.

Source of Knowledge is a leading educational content capture and distribution company. They’ve captured over 1000 conferences, seminars and tradeshows handling more than 40 concurrent sessions. Their customers include education, medical and Fortune 500 companies. In live event video streaming the stakes are high. The team at Source of Knowledge needs to get high quality results on the first try. There is no room for re-takes or “do-overs”. When the speaker is on, so too must be the capture, streaming and recording solution. To ensure success, Source of Knowledge trusts Epiphan Pearl. Pearl is a sleek all-in-one unit that lets Source of Knowledge flawlessly capture and stream multiple video and audio sources combined into a picture-in-picture layout. They configure Pearl to also record the original sources at high bitrate and full resolution. This provides Source of Knowledge the ability to create different viewing combinations in post-production after the event and gives clients the widest range of options for how to use the captured data. “It’s crucial to our business to stream picture in picture but at the same time capture the individual components in high resolution. Often times, clients use the picture in picture format for educational purposes but after the event they come back to us with a need for just the talking head or just the video graphics for marketing purposes. Pearl gives us those pieces without any extra effort.” stated Michael W. Doane, President at Source of Knowledge. To capture an event, Source of Knowledge used to bring multiple laptops with external video grabbers connected and zip-tied together. Not only was this a mess of cables, the laptops themselves were a source of trouble. Changing manufacturer specifications made it difficult to source laptops year after year with identical specifications and the laptops needed attention to ensure they had the latest OS updates, software updates and drivers for their external grabbers. While this isn’t too much work for a single unit, with over 250 laptops in the field at once, and sometimes capturing 30, 40 or 50 sessions simultaneously, the task of ensuring all systems have the same set of software, updates and drivers is substantial! read more...

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