Epiphan Pearls and Cloud enable remote video production efficiency

In Epiphan's recent Case Study, Ontario-based video production company JEEMAN Productions had major success with Epiphan's Pearl devices and Epiphan Cloud. Jeremy Prudhomme founder of JEEMAN Productions' goal was to meet his demand for video production services but cut the amount of time it took for his company to create them. Normally, the producer would spend significant time traveling, setting up gear, shooting the content, tearing down, transferring the recordings from the storage media, and traveling back, being booked for a whole day. The short videos would take around five hours to shoot. 

When the demand started growing, Prudhomme knew he had to find a solution. "The plan was to build automated, single-touch video studios where clients could go and start recording on their own," says Epiphan. "Naturally, adequate remote oversight would be essential to ensure the captured footage is excellent quality."

The solution was Epiphan Pearl devices and Epiphan Cloud! JEEMAN Productions built multiple video studios with professional lights, cameras, microphones and a Pearl streaming encoders and Epiphan Cloud which is included free in all Pearl devices. "Epiphan Cloud gives the team complete remote access to the studio encoders via the public Internet, including Pearl configuration, audio and video source monitoring, and even live switching," says Epiphan. "Producers can log in to any studio Pearl through Epiphan Cloud and configure the device as though it were right there in front of them."

The results were exactly what JEEMAN Productions was looking for. Prudhomme is even looking to build more self-serve studios. With the help of Epiphan Cloud and being able to access the hardware from anywhere in the world they can meet their demand and also add new clients to their workflow. 

“Epiphan Cloud embodies the potential and possibilities of easy content creation. It’s the future of video creation.”
Jeremy Prudhomme, Founder of JEEMAN Productions

Their new Epiphan setup helped JEEMAN Productions have time efficient operations, fast content turnaround, and full confidence in their remote production! 

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