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Epiphan Streaming
Epiphan Streaming

Epiphan has recently posted a great directory for those getting into live streaming. COVID-19 has put social isolation and many places like corporations, houses of worship, universities, government offices, out of action. But it doesn't need to be this way.

Video is now an essential part of keeping things moving in these trying times. Thus Epiphan has a list here of articles and videos to help.

Check out the Videoguys webinar on the Epiphan Product line

The Pearl Family

Pearl Family
Pearl Family

Both the Pearl Mini and the Pearl 2 is perfect video solution. Multiple cameras, easy interface, easy audio.

Moving to remote operations - and soon!

Many companies have a video infrastructure. Going remote is super easy. But what if there isn't any? What is there to do?

Don't panic! The fastest way to keep things moving is by using Facebook and YouTube. Here are two articles from Epiphan on basic streaming.

What cameras to use -

Live Event to Virtual Event

COVID_19 has made live audiences... problematic. Here are some of the best ways to host virtual conferences and reach even more people.

Schools - lectures - and more

Schools are needing to go online. Most have shut down, so a shift to virtual classrooms has become necessary to keep curriculum in line.

Internal Communication

There are loads of options for those looking to get into video conferencing. Perhaps money is a hidnerance? Time? Effort? Epiphan had made it easy with this article on conference software for businesses.

Company Meetings

Most companies have those meetings where all hands are on deck. Thus people get together and meet. That's a problem with COVID-19. Yet video conferencing take the physical prescience out of the equation.


Building a dedicated video production workspace at home or on site is easy with these two articles.

Including Customers

Making money. Keeping those customers happy. How can this be done under such strict quarantines? Well... it's not that hard anymore. Meet "face-to-face" via video conferencing letting the business to keep growing and moving forward in such trying times.

Being Professional

Always be thinking of how the conference / webinar / virtual event will look. An AV.io HD and AV.io 4K are fantastic ways to bring almost any HDMI camera into a live production.

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