Epiphan Video announces new models of Pearl-2: Pearl-2 Rackmount and Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin!

Palo Alto, CA, December 15, 2016 – Epiphan Video, a leader in professional audiovisual capture, recording, and streaming products, announces the launch of Epiphan Pearl-2 Rackmount™ and Epiphan Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin™. These all-in-one live video encoders are the newest versions of Pearl-2™, now ready for installation in an AV rack.
Epiphan Pearl2 in pelican case and rack
Pearl-2 introduced many great new features, and we’ve heard from lots of people excited to use these features in their AV racks as well as on their desktops.Pearl-2 Rackmount is a powerful 2U live production video mixer that fits perfectly into your 19-inch AV rack. Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin doubles the power of the single rackmount by putting two systems in the same chassis. The density of the twin system saves space in a crowded rack, and is perfect for situations when you want to have one system recording ISOs while the other does live production. Dave Kirk, Vice President of Product Marketing with Epiphan Video, talks about the two new platforms: “We always intended to have Pearl-2 echo the three-model product line that was so popular on Pearl. And since the launch of Pearl-2 earlier this year was so successful, we made sure that the two other models came sooner rather than later. Pearl-2 introduced many great new features, and we’ve heard from lots of people excited to use these features in their AV racks as well as on their desktops.” The Pearl-2 Rackmount models, like Pearl-2 itself, can capture, stream and record multiple video sources simultaneously. Both models have the same inputs and outputs as the Pearl-2 portable model, and the same access to the 4K feature add-on. “Pearl-2 fulfilled a lot of customer needs, like USB 3.0, XLR audio inputs, 12-G SDI inputs and 4K HDMI output ports, and these upgrades are just as necessary on a rack as on a desktop,” says Kirk. You can come see them in person at the ISE show in Amsterdam on February 7th, giving attendees a chance to come see it in action and meet with the Epiphan team.
Epiphan Video produces world-class, award-winning audio visual solutions to capture, scale, mix, encode, stream, record and play high resolution video including 4K UHD. Our customers include companies that specialize in live event production, education, healthcare, worship, manufacturing, usability, collaboration, security and transportation. Epiphan’s field-proven product line includes live video production and video streaming systems, external USB-based video grabbers for capturing video and graphics from DVI, HDMI™, SDI and VGA sources and internal video capture cards. Our products are designed in North America and backed by rock-solid technical support. Epiphan Video is a trade name of Epiphan Systems Inc., a privately owned company incorporated in 2003. Epiphan is based in Palo Alto, California, USA and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with regional offices and a network of authorized channel partners and OEMs throughout the world. For more information, please visit www.epiphan.com.

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