Epiphan Webinar: How to Live Stream a Concert

For new live streamers looking to branch out there is no better way then to see it from the pros themselves. At Epiphan this is exactly what they like to do. On the Epiphan YouTube channel they have tons of information and demos for anyone looking to step up their game. In this video Epiphan goes into detail what you need to look for and do to prepare to stream a live concert. Where live streaming and entertainment is heading, getting into live music as a client is useful for any new or experienced live streaming producer.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Live streaming a concert can be a great way to engage your fan base and build an audience. Learn from George and Matt with Epiphan as they run through all aspects of a professional concert live stream. They’ll cover everything from the audio setup, camera options, live streaming equipment and some tips to up your production value!

SHOW INDEX: 1) 1:13 - News: Release 4.5.1 2) 3:00 - Video: Cameras, cameras, cameras! 3) 11:35 - Audio: Making the most of your sound. 4) 23:34 - The ultimate streaming setup. 5) 29:08 - Network: Getting your stream online.

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