Epiphan Webinar with George Herbert for NDI November

For this NDI November Webinar, host, Gary Bettan is joined by Epiphan's George Herbert.  George joins us to discuss the NDI integration available for the Pearl-2 production system.  This device being compatible with NDI means it is a powerful tool for your live production workflow, and can fit into most NDI productions. 

Check out the webinar below:

NDI and Pearl-2:

The Pearl-2 is the first unit in the Epiphan Pearl Family of devices that supports NDI.  The Pearl-2 can ingest up to three NDI inputs.  In addition, with the 4K add on available for the Pearl-2, it can also harness the power of NDI in 4K.  

Multiple Pearl-2s with NDI:

Another major topic discussed on the webinar is the possibility of multiple Pearl-2 units being used in the same NDI workflow with NDI cameras and over the same network.  We discuss whether this can be achieved, and whether these Pearl-2 units can recognize each other as inputs or outputs. 

Alternate Workflows:

The Pearl-2 also fits nicely into many more alternative workflows, including larger NewTek workflows with NDI.  It also works great in SRT workflows with NDI. 

Learn more about Epiphan HERE.


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